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 Trump, Nixon, and the ‘secret plan’ media myth
 Why is he biopic worthy? Movie planned about Watergate’s ‘Deep Throat’ source
About the ‘Murrow Moment’: A ‘tipping point’ that wasn’t
Arrogance: WaPo won’t correct dubious claim about Nixon ‘secret plan’ for Vietnam
Behind the ‘nuanced myth’: Bra-burning at Atlantic City
The hero-journalist trope: Watergate’s go-to mythical narrative
Media myth, adulation figure in media tributes to Ben Bradlee
The military’s ‘fabrication’? No, Jessica Lynch was WaPo’s story
Mythmaking in Moscow: Biden says WaPo brought down Nixon
The Nixon tapes: A pivotal Watergate story that WaPo missed
The Post ‘took down a president’? That’s a myth
WaPo, Bezos, and owning up to errors ‘quickly and completely’
WaPo move to new quarters stirs retelling of hero- journalist myth
WaPo still unable to keep details straight about Jessica Lynch case
The Watergate myth: Why debunking matters
‘Scorched by American napalm’: The media myth of ‘Napalm Girl’ endures