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Xiao, Bei (Dept. of Computer Science) auislandora:55891 44
Peixotto, Rebecca (Department of Anthropology) auislandora:72109 43
Meg Meiman (University Library) auislandora:25180 43
Zeitzoff, Thomas (Dept. of Justice, Law & Criminology) auislandora:40413 43
Yesuf, Mahmud (Dept. of Economics) auislandora:55863 40
Hertz, Tom auislandora:72100 40
Parker, Scott (Department of Psychology) auislandora:72106 40
Wisman, Jon (Dept. of Economics) auislandora:65385 40
Schmidt, Kari (University Library) auislandora:25186 39
Garrard, Mary D. (Department of Art) auislandora:68145 38