Sheet Music Collections

American University Historical Sheet Music Collection
Contains digital images and catalog descriptions of public domain sheet music selected from AU's 2,500 piece collection of historical sheet music. The digitized collection has a focus on late 19th-century and early 20th-century popular songs.
Paula Diehl Collection
Paula Diehl began her in-depth study of music theory and composition at American University and later continued it at Temple University where she received a Master of Music degree in composition. As a result of her studies, she developed a new total composition system called “Separation.” This collection of more than seventy manuscripts includes vocal pieces, piano solos, string quartets, chamber music, and various instrumental music including non-traditional instruments such as a prepared-piano. This digitized collection will allow scholars, students, and musicians to explore her pioneering composition system. Note: Works from this collection may be registered with BMI. Please verify with BMI before performing works found in this collection.