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 Arrogance: WaPo won’t correct dubious claim about Nixon ‘secret plan’ for Vietnam
 Trump, Nixon, and the ‘secret plan’ media myth
 Why is he biopic worthy? Movie planned about Watergate’s ‘Deep Throat’ source
About the ‘Murrow Moment’: A ‘tipping point’ that wasn’t
Behind the ‘nuanced myth’: Bra-burning at Atlantic City
The hero-journalist trope: Watergate’s go-to mythical narrative
Media myth, adulation figure in media tributes to Ben Bradlee
The military’s ‘fabrication’? No, Jessica Lynch was WaPo’s story
Mythmaking in Moscow: Biden says WaPo brought down Nixon
The Nixon tapes: A pivotal Watergate story that WaPo missed
The Post ‘took down a president’? That’s a myth
WaPo, Bezos, and owning up to errors ‘quickly and completely’
WaPo move to new quarters stirs retelling of hero- journalist myth
WaPo still unable to keep details straight about Jessica Lynch case
The Watergate myth: Why debunking matters
‘Scorched by American napalm’: The media myth of ‘Napalm Girl’ endures